Welcome to the UK’s largest Christian sex toy shop – Holy Bedroom.

The euphoria we experience from sex is no accident. God made sex as a gift to us. It’s one of the many essential ways couples can strengthen their connections to one another. We can and should embrace the many ways that we can enhance this sacred act with toys, games and aids that are available to us.

Our website is a safe environment for you and your partner to shop for intimate items. Unlike typical sexual toy shopping – whether on the high street or online – there are no distractions here.

Everything you find here is suitable for Christian consumption, so that means:

  • All products are handpicked, quality checked and approved for Christian usage
  • You won’t find any pornographic images or nudity
  • No products stocked here are intended to inflict harm


Our Team

Holy Bedroom is the result of a hilariously random conversation between myself (Matthew) and my wife (Grace) on our ninth wedding anniversary. The idea was unexpected and quickly dismissed, but soon after became an evening project that we had to bring to life!

Our story is typical (other than the sex toy website part!); we met in university, devoted ourselves to God shortly after, and we were blessed with a beautiful marriage, children and life together since.

Grace and I are very open about our feelings and we recognise that this honesty has cemented our relationship with one another and to God. This allowed us to embrace the idea of working together to create a unique place for British Christians to shop for items that elevates their intimate bedroom time.  

  • We don’t sell products made to resemble real body parts
  • The site has no overly explicit descriptions or degrading language
  • Each visit will leave you and your partner with a spring in your step

We hope every shopping experience at Holy Bedroom will lift your spirits and inspire you to enjoy intimacy with spouse in new ways.