Why I Allowed My Husband to Watch Pornography

Our Journey Thus Far

Opening up a Christian sex shop has been a truly eye-opening experience. It has led our marriage on a path we never would have expected even 2 years ago. This journey has allowed us to enrich relationships in ways we couldn’t have imagined, even in the short time that we have been open.

However, I have to admit that it comes with its challenges too. Primarily, finding sex toys. The process of sourcing appropriate products for our customers involves a lot of encounters with some very inappropriate ones. We don’t want to pass judgment on the many pleasures married couples wish to explore, but feel a duty to be the ones that filter out the ones that are unquestionably not suitable for Christians.

Through our explorations, trials and errors, my husband and I have tried out many products that were completely alien to us a short while ago. We also hope to pass on our recommendations soon. But one recommendation that I feel deserves its own spotlight today comes in a slightly different form. It isn’t a certain sex toy, a bedroom game or even a particular form of lubrication. (Although we do recommend you stock up!) In fact, the recommendation is actually information.

We were recently invited to undertake a course which promised a sexual education through sensual massage techniques that unlock new levels to your relationship. It has the potential to enhance your libido, awaken your sexuality and bring your marriage to a more intimate place.  

After all the things we have gone through, we were keen to give such a creation a go. The only problem came when we enrolled and discovered that we hadn’t done a proper risk assessment.   

Is Pleasurespot Suitable for Married Christian Couples?

My husband and I clicked around and selected the first course we wanted to explore. We settled for the Full Body Awakening and found it to be very enlightening. We learned about how best to set the mood, what oils are best and how to awaken the energy from your partner’s body.

It was very well paced, easy to follow along with and, most importantly, worked. In this video the female masseuse worked on a woman’s body, working on the feet, legs, buttocks, arms, back and neck. Some body reveals were close to the mark, but the content is tame and most Christians would be comfortable watching it.

While we should have expected it, towards the end of the video tutorial, the sight of a topless woman having her breasts fondled turned out to be the most risqué element of the video. It wasn’t a distraction whatsoever – it’s part of the complete massage. We enjoyed this course and being able to try out what we learned using an MP3 version. As we had no experience of full body massages besides our own improvised DIY attempts, it was truly fulfilling. So fulfilling in fact that we wanted to know what the rest had in store for us. 

Truth be told – the rest was a lot more testing. Married life as a Christian comes with many challenges, but we didn’t expect to have to face such a dilemma as this. What I would classify as the two core courses – one on sensual massages for men and the other for women – was a step in a dangerous direction.

My husband would never ask me if he could watch pornography. I would never invite him to watch pornography. The same applies to me. However, in order to truly know whether we could unlock sexual energy neither of us knew we possessed, we would have to consume the content objectively as educational material.

To some Christians, even using the wrong adjective can make something pornographic. It’s for that reason that we know this will be a step too far. But these courses are informative, instructional videos that demonstrate exactly how to pleasure your partner in ways you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to even imagine. And it’s all just with physical touch.

Yes, it may be a massive risk, but after speaking openly and honestly with one another, we were comfortable to ease through the courses together. I feel the same is essential for you and your spouse before you even consider this course.

I must be honest and share further words of warning before you choose to undertake this course.

While the course is not intended to be perceived as such, the nature of the video demonstrations are akin to pornography. It is informational, but you need to be fully prepared for what is included in the course material. I understand that we run a Christian intimacy store, so may have a different perspective, but there are things that some may not be comfortable with.

Be aware:

  • It features explicit nudity of a man and woman
  • It contains sexual acts
  • It features female ejaculation
  • All videos for women’s sensual pleasure feature a woman masseuse

On the other hand:

  • There is no lingam and yoni penetration
  • There is no oral sex
  • No sexual aids are used (only massage oil)
  • There is no sound from the participants

As a Christian it is extremely difficult to commit to watching this material. I have to repeat that this is something between you and your partner to discuss properly and decide whether you are both comfortable with it. In our experience, it was worth overcoming the awkwardness to reach this heightened closeness.

What is Included in the Pleasurespot Courses?

Pleasurespot splits the content into individual courses, all of which aim to achieve different objectives. Each one provides instructions about the best way to set the mood – providing the ideal environment for the most satisfying experience – before describing and demonstrating how to perform each massage.

The videos are narrated by a woman that guides you through each motion, breath and sensation, so you can follow along with confidence.

There are 4 individual courses (at the time of writing):

  • Sensual Touch Massage for Him
  • Sensual Touch Massage for Her
  • The Taoist Breast Massage
  • Full Body Awakening Massage

I am told that more courses are to follow. My husband and I will be delighted to discover what they cover and how it could help us continue to build on our sexual relationship with one another.

The course is easy to follow, fun to do together and, in our opinion, delivers on its promises to awaken your body in new and exciting ways.

How Do You Get the Pleasurespot Courses?

All of the courses are accessible via the Pleasurespot website. Although I had full access when I signed up, the platform paces you so that you unlock content gradually. At first, you will be able to enrol into the Sensual Touch Massage for Him and Her courses. This is followed by The Taoist Breast course in month 2. Finally comes the Full Body massage on the third month.

You retain all of the course material for the duration of your subscription, giving you the opportunity to revisit and revise your techniques for when you put it into practice. As you go along you will improve your sensual knowledge of one another, refine skills and discover sensations that strengthen your intimacy together.

Pleasurespot offers a 1-day free trial, after which point €24.90/month (~£21) or €99 (~£84) every 6 months, offering much better value for money. They give you the chance to cancel your subscription at any time, so there truly are no strings attached and no commitment (besides with your spouse!) required.

Bear in mind that I am judging based on the first four courses, and that more are said to follow soon.

To purchase the course, click here.

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